’s top selling Artists of All Time

Here is a list of artists that according to that are the top selling artists ever. I presume that the list is dynamically created based on historical and current sales figures. So in theory it will be continuously changing, but with a huge amount of history it is probably unlikely.

This is today’s snapshot – I’ll go back in a few days and compare.

1. The Beatles (no surprise)
2. U2 (ditto)
3. Norah Jones (very good artist, but is she that popular?)
4. Johnny Cash
5. Diana Krall (who?)
6. Bob Dylan
7. Frank Sinatra
8. Dixie Chicks (surprising)
9. Enya (see Nora Jones)
10. Rod Stewart


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  • The infamous “list” is wrong. For example, U2 is actually 92nd and Nora Jones does not even make the top 200.

    The top selling artist of all time is ABBA followed by a russian singer (yes a russian singer) and then the Beatles.

    For a more accurate list go to or the free online encylopedea. Shame on amazon for such slopiness.

  • These are the top selling artist of ALL TIME according to WORLDWIDE record sales:

    ABBA – Sweeden

    Alla Pergacheva – Russia

    The Beatles – UK

    Bing Crosby – US

    Chubby Checker – UK

    Sir Cliff Richard – UK

    Sir Elton John – UK

    Elvis Presley – US

    Frank Sinatra – US

    Julio Iglesias – Spain

    Other notables who made the top 20:
    Pink Flyoid

    SHAME on Amazon for shuch TERRIBLE reaserch!!

  • Yes, thanks for the info, but the Amazon list is top selling artists off the Amazon website (ie: Albums bought off Amazon), not of global album sales.

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