Had a Busy Weekend…

I have been meaning to get around to doing a lot around the house for quite some time now. Work is winding up, the coaching certificate is over and Toastmasters has pretty-much closed until next year. So, this weekend I finally had some time so I fell into it while I could.

Misc_010I build the CD rack that I have been meaning to build for about three months – the wood has been sitting in my garage since I built my desk a few months ago. This is going to clear up some cupboard space for more wine glasses. Lois’ first comment was "Oh good! So now I can buy some more CD’s!" – hmmm

Misc_017Then I put in a new shower door -the last one had literally fallen apart beyond repair. It was a much bigger job that I originally thought, but between me and Lois we managed to successfully install the new door. It is not really a very complex job, but it is very time-consuming – give yourself at least a full morning for the job.

Misc_015I put up a few pictures, and I made a photo-collage of us, out travels and our friends. I also cleaned out the study and threw away a black bag and three boxes of rubbish – including about 50 stiffy disks that I had not used for at least a year!

Misc_022 Finally, I rewired my car radio. This is after the shop completely messed it up. They had the sub-woofer connected to the high channel, and the tweeters connected to the bass channel. Then, they had both left outputs going to the sub, and both rights going to the highs. I have no idea what they were thinking (they are usually very good), but the sound now is much better.

Misc_014 So I have had a very busy weekend. I am also very sore and stiff from all the crawling, cruching, screwing (with a screwdriver) and hammering. However, the house looks much better now, and the sound in the car rocks!

ps: I hope that Lois can find the CD’s in the new CD rack!

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