2 Onions to De La Rey Hardware

DelareyOver the last couple of months, I built both a new desk for my study, as well as a new cd rack.

I usually goto Mica or Chipbase to buy the wood, and to get them to cut the wood. Well, a brand new De La Rey hardware shop recently opened near my house, so I thought that I would give them a try.

So, on the Friday I went off to the shop, with my cutting list eagerly clutched in my hand. They had exactly the wood I was looking for, so I left the cutting list with them, and I was told the wood would be ready on the Monday. By the Wednesday, I was still waiting for the wood, and I asked the manager what was taking so long, and I was told by them that I had only dropped off the cutting list on Monday – not on Friday, and I had to wait a few more days.

"No, I dropped it off on Friday"

"Impossible – it only went in on Monday"

"Are you calling me a liar – shall I show you the till slip with Friday’s date on it?"

…and so on…I had already paid for the wood – none of the shops will cut the wood before you pay, so I was stuck with them.

Eventually, they promised me the wood on Thursday – which I collected.

When I started working on the job, I found that not only were a few pieces cut incorrectly, but they had put edging on some of the wrong edges!

Even worse, they couldn’t even cut the wood to the correct size – two planks of the same size were about 2mm different in width! Now this might not seem like a large amount, but the bench saws are very accurate, and this is a huge problem when you are trying to get all your edges to line up (you can see in the picture above).

The also did not cut the boards correctly, in that they splintered the edge of the chipboard. A good bench saw should not do that.

Next time I will goto Mica or Chipbase – you guys know what you are doing!

So, De La Rey – here are your onions!

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  • You are not alone …..I live in Lamberts Bay Approx 250kms from De la Rey Tableview… I faxed through to them a very detailed cutting list for DIY flat-pack kitchen & bedroom cupboards, Paid in full upfront, was told to collect in 3 days time, When I phoned to check if all was ready … another 2 days !!, phoned again .Yes ..come & collect..when we got there , they “just had to” cut the draw fronts …2 hours later we loaded… ( yes we checked the quantities etc).but when it came to assembling….nightmare!!! pieces cut wrong ,fixings missing , & the postform top was 100mm too short, when I phoned to complain , i was told just bring it back & we’ll credit you, when I pointed out the distance/ fuel cost involved , “what can we do?” from De La Rey!!!! I agree with you next time back to people who do take their work seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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