Cycling is like a BBQ…

I am starting to realise that cycling is a bit like braaiing – wherever you stand when at braai (BBQ), the smoke always blows in your direction.

Well, I am starting to realise that cycling is a bit like that – which ever direction you cycle in, you always seem to cycle into a head wind. And no, it’s not that I am going particularly fast (I have even stopped to check) – but it is strange how often the really strong outgoing wind becomes a really strong incoming wind as soon as I turn around.

(and as Lois pointed out to me – neither are particularly fun in the wind)

I have just got my seeding for the Argus Cycle Tour, I am starting at 8:40am in the Z group which is not too bad. My back has been doing strange things for the past few weeks, so my training is not quite where I would like it, but I went for a really nice 52km ride this morning, so I should be ok – I am hoping for a time of about 4:30. I was on the road before 7:00am which is quite scary for me!

This year’s course is 300m shorter than last year, so I should save a few seconds there :-)

Don’t forget the fund raising dinner on the 27’th – there is still space. We have secured a R1500 bottle of wine, as well as some online Woolworths gift vouchers, so maybe you will be the lucky one…!

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