Just arrived in Windhoek

006I am here in Namibia to train the Toastmasters Club Officers for the three clubs in Windhoek.

The last few times I have been here, it has been very dry, brown and dusty! However, Namibia has had some early rain, so the landscape is unbelievably green! It was wonderful to see miles and miles of green grass as we came in to land. The side of road into town is carpeted with thousands of tiny yellow flowers – the yellow paved road.

I am staying at a small B&B, currently the only guest. It is small, but clean and functional. The best part is that they have a black female Labrador, so I do feel a little bit at home. It is really hot here, but not as bad as I was expecting.

I will go and take a few photos later in the day (after the midday heat), I might be off to a restaurant on a game farm, so perhaps I will see some game. I’ll post any photos as soon as they are ready.



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