Argus Cycle Tour – its tomorrow!

Argus_2007There is excitement in the Cape Town air as over 20000 cyclists have been arriving this week; to join the approx 15000 local cyclists riding the 109km around Cape Town in the 30th annual Argus Cycle Tour.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing bicycles, hearing people talking about bicycles, or even being on a bicycle from time to time.

Tomorrow, I will be joining about 35000 people on the tour – the largest timed event in the world!

Yesterday, I collected Lois from the airport, and it was busy (I believe the busiest weekend at the airport!), and as I waited, you could see the cyclists come past security. There is somebody with a bicycle pump sticking out of his backpack, there is somebody else in a suit carrying a laptop, but with a bicycle helmet clipped to the handle of his laptop bag, and there is somebody with a paddle.

What? A paddle, this is Argus Weekend, not the Brede River Canoe race. I know that it rained at last year’s Argus, but come on, it was not that wet!

My bike is ready, my gear is ready, and I collect my new clothing for the race last night. I have been getting steadily more and more excited this weekend – I don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight!

I am riding for the John Whiffen Trust, raising funds to support both physically and mentally disabled people to gain communication and leadership skills through the Toastmasters programme. This year, I have already raised over R4500, and I am still looking for more donations, so please dig deep! Thanks to everyone that has already donated.

ArgusThink of me and my fellow riders when you are sleeping late tomorrow, or lazily reading the Sunday paper, while I will be climbing up Suikerbossie – the dreaded hill just before the end.

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