5 Flies Restaurant – review

A few days ago, it was our wedding anniversary, so Lois and I decided to goto Five Flies for supper.

In summary, it was a wonderful experience.

The menu is very simply structured, all starters are a fixed price, all mains a fixed price, and the same for deserts. You can order a single dish, or you get a discount if you order a 2,3 or four course meal. You can also decide as you go how many courses to order, and they will bill you accordingly.

The wine list is similarly structured, with the wines split into about 4 price ranges. I found that it just makes the who pricing much simpler.

The meal was great – I started with beef carpaccio and green salad. It was a generous portion, with fresh salad greens. Lois started with green asparagus spears in a lemon butter sauce. She loved it! For mains, I had the lamb shank, which was very tender, and had clearly been cooking for hours. Lois had a pesto pasta with asparagus and vege stir-fry. While she enjoyed her meal, she felt that the greens were a little over-cooked. They also marketed it as a vege-platter, so she expected the veges on the side, and not in the pasta.

We shared a cheese platter (for 1, which came with a glass of port). The platter was not huge, but a good size to share (it would have been too much for 1!).

The website is great. The entire menu is on it (with prices!) – other restaurants take note! And they allow you to book online. I did so, and received confirmation within the promised 24 hours!

They welcomed Eccles (the guide dog), and especially made sure that we had a table with plenty of room for her. The staff were efficient, professional and friendly.

Will we be back? Definitely!


ps: at the end of the meal they gave us some "monopoly" money which will give us some great discounts (>R90) at our next meal!

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