Bluetooth car kits mandatory in new cars?

Nokiack7wbluetoothWe all complain about people driving while speaking on their mobile phones, and about how dangerous it is. Well, I have a very simple solution.

According to Car Today, the cheapest car that you can currently by in South Africa is a Chevrolet Spark at R63240 – even a Citi Golf is R69150! Now, a branded Nokia Bluetooth car kit is about R1100 installed.

So, to prevent people from driving while using their mobile phones, why is it simply not mandatory to have Bluetooth car kits pre-installed in all new cars?

At retail costs, it will increase the cost of the cheapest car by about 1,7%. And if all new cars have the blue tooth kits installed, the volume sales should cause the cost of the kit to be a lot less.

You can even get a portable Bluetooth car kit for about R320, which is 0.5% of the cheapest car. On a car that costs R150000, it is a tiny 0.2%

So, to me it is pretty obvious – preinstall the Bluetooth kits in all new cars and improve on our road safety!

PS: Yes, I have been using a car kit for about five years!

PPS: Wikipedia have a very good article on the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

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