Arizona temperatures & self-checkouts

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Sadly, our time in Vegas came to an end, and our time came to leave for Phoenix. This was after a great last evening when I finally figured out the Rolette machines, and won a total of about $40 on the $5 tables – not bad for a beginner.

So it was a 4:30am start to get to the airport by 6 in time for our 8am flight – which incedently was only 45 minutes long.

We are at our hotel in Phoenix – the JW Marriott Desert Resort and Spa, prepering for the Toastmasters Annual Convention. Arizona is exactly like in the old cowboy movies – with barren landscape and the cactus plants holding their hands in the air like on cheap tequila bottles. I beleive that the bigger cactui can hold 5 tons of water – enough for 5 years of drought. The land also reminded me of the Pielandsberg mountains – except with the cactui.

Today I bought a couple of items in the supermarket, and I did something that I have never done before – I used the self-checkout. With nobody supervising, I scanned the items, paid into a machine, collected the change and left! Just like that. Imagine that in SA.

I thought that Vegas was hot, but I had no idea! The temperature yesterday was a min of 28, and a max of about 42 deg C – so hot that the shops give you free water when you leave. Unbeleivably hot, so we will be spending much time indoors.

Off to bed now, will update you soon.


PS – Karen I hope you luggage arrives soon!


  1. Jeanne said:

    We only drove into Phoenix to get to the airport to catch a plane for El Paso, so never saw much of it, but I do remember the heat – at least it’s that lovely dry desert heat, not sticky humidity. I do remember the cacti – suddenly all those cowboy comic books from your youth make sense as they really DO look like that! Eat lots of TexMex food while you’re there – we could not stop eating it and it’s a whole lot different to the Spur ;-)!

    August 14, 2007
  2. Craig said:


    You are so right, however the only problem is that we struggled to get really HOT chilli. It was generally mild to medium, and both Lois and I like it hot!

    I suppose that if we managed to get to some of the more “local” restaurants we would have faired better.

    But the food is great!

    September 9, 2007

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