See the world from a different perspective – get out and walk

Part of my post-surgery rehab is that I have to go walking every day. Apparently this builds strength and flexibility, so 2km a day it is for me!

Anyway, one thing that I have noticed while walking around my neighbourhood is that you see the world from a completely different perspective. You start noticing things around you that you just don’t see when driving a car.

Lakeside_001_2We will start by looking at some of the houses in my street. On the right is Eric and Anya’s house – they are both very creative people, as you can see by the mosaic on the outside wall. It was all done by hand – I think it is pretty impressive.

Lakeside_002Further up the road, somebody has turned their gate into a sailing boat – a bit cheesy, but kind of cute.

I live in Lakeside, which is about 2/3 of the way down the Southern Suburbs train line, and yes, we still have boom-crossings on this line for cars. In fact off the top of my head, I can count five crossings on this line (2 in Lakeside, 2 in Retreat, and 1 in Kenilworth).

Lakeside_031This particular crossing (which I use at least twice per day) is constantly backed up or breaking down. I am convinced that one day a car is going to hit a train. Actually, my sister once saw a train hit a car at the crossing, but it turned out that they were using it for a movie shoot, so nobody was harmed. But still, that crossing makes me nervous.

Lakeside_021Lakeside_014Lakeside is spoilt with the views. To the south, we have the Kalk Bay mountains, and to the West, we have the wonderful Constantia mountains, were you can see the Constantia Wine Farms – home to some our our best wines, just ask Jane Austen or Napoleon!

We also have the wonderful Zandvlei at the bottom of my road, but that is for another walk.

Lakeside_015There are some interesting little businesses on the Main Road. Here is an estate agent, architect and dog parlour – all sharing the same premises!

You can also see the inevitable cyclists at this time if year. They are all training for the Argus Cycle Tour. Ok, so I should be one of them, but I can’t cycle at the moment, a bit more recovery and I will be back on my bike!

Lakeside_012Lakeside_011And of course you can leave the children at the pre-primary school down the road. 

And here on the right, you can have a cup of tea, a tarot reading, and decorate your house – all at the same time.

Lakeside_026If this is all too much stress for you, how about some Body Stress Relief? Although I have to be honest in that having missed almost two months of work, I am feeling very little stress at the moment. However it will keep it in mind for the future.

Lakeside_010Do any of you remember the old bakery on Lakeside main road? Well, now it is a wonderful shopping centre. There is (amongst others) a Woolworths, two great restaurants, a shop that sells wonderful fresh fish and a health shop. And the best thing is that it is 650m from my house. Brilliant!


There are also some strange things on the main road. Above we have:

  1. a telephone box- yes there are still a few people that don’t have cell phones
  2. a postbox – did you know that we still have those small collection boxes? I dropped a letter in this box, let’s see if it arrives…
  3. a mileage sign – it was difficult to read, but I think that it tells you the distance to the city centre. Anybody know how old it is?
  4. somebody who has still not taken down their Christmas decorations.
  5. Remember Shawn Phillips – well he is going a gig next month!
  6. Looks like Humpty not only fell off his wall, but he took half the wall down with him!

Lakeside_029 Lakeside_019Lakeside_020 If you think that Lakeside is a pretty cool, there are plenty of places for sale.

Now, get out your walking shoes, hit the road and see your neighbourhood like you have never seen it before!


PS: Which side of the track are you on?

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