Malawi part 2: Friday Evening

I am staying that the Area Governors house – Florence, at her house in Lilongwe. They have quite an interesting house numbering system. Florence’s address is site 10/1234. That’s it! Every house is simply a site number, 10 or 12, and then a house number! I have no idea how they navigate the system, but I feel sorry for the poor postmen.

Malawi_2Even though I am in the city it is quite rural (well at least compared to Cape Town or Johannesburg). Florence has got a sheep, chickens, ducks, a guinea fowl (although he might have been passing through), and about 11 dogs. This is in addition to the various vege growing in her garden. I must admit to being quite startled to look out my bedroom window to be staring face to face at a sheep. This sheep looks exactly like a goat, but I am assured that it is in fact a sheep, just not a fluffy white sheep – you be the judge!

Malawi is not as warm as I was expecting – it is only about 27 deg, but the humidity is very high, so you feel hot, and you constantly have that sticky feeling. You also can’t sleep with the windows open because it is a Malaria area and you really want to avoid the mosquitoes.

I heard in the evening that Tony’s flight was cancelled, which meant that I was promoted from simply attending the training, giving a single speech and one training slot, to running the entire training session! Not quite what I had planned, but thank goodness I have all the training material on my laptop!

So, window closed, safely covered in anti-mosquito cream, I slept like a baby, I just collapsed and fell asleep.

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