Malawi part 4: Saturday Afternoon

Malawi_1_2Training went very well, it is quite interesting that even though they are so far away, they have the same concerns and issues that we have at our Toastmasters clubs.

After training, we had lunch at the Golf Club. I had fresh fish from the lake – I have no idea what type of fish, but apparently you can only get them in Lake Malawi. Lunch was washed down with a bottle of Kuche Kuche beer, which literally means "until sunrise", so you can drink it the whole night!

In the afternoon, I went shopping. Fist stop was the supermarket, where I bought a bottle of Malawi Gin, which I was told that I had to purchase, and of course a few bottles of Nali Chili sauce. This local chilli sauce (which claims to be the hottest in Africa) is piping hot, yet very tasty.

Malawi_7Then off to the food market. The quality of the fresh fruit and vegetables was great, but the market is what I can only describe as an African scene. You could buy freshly cooked mielies, which had been “braaied” on the open coals (corn is the staple food of Malawi, you can see it growing everywhere).

Malawi_8Everybody wanted my business (especially since I was then only white person in the market), but they were friendly about it, which is more that I can say for Mauritius. Everybody in the market had something to do – there was a person there whose job was simply to shell the peas!

I had dinner at local Italian restaurant, and then I finished off the day drinking MGT (Malawi Gin and Tonic) at the Reserve Bank club. Thank goodness that I ate at the Italian restaurant, because the special at the club was goat!
By the way, today is much cooler, with much lower humidity, it is rather pleasant. So, off to Lake Malawi tomorrow.

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