My latest techno-toy – an 800 gram laptop

I am getting really sick of either lugging my laptop around with me whenever I travel, or trying to read my emails on my phone – which is just a pain!

Laptop2So, I decided to look on the net and see what solution I could find – and boy did I find a fantastic solution. This is an ASUS EEEPC (easy to learn, easy to work, easy to play). It is a laptop that weighs just 800grams (that is a box of matches on the keyboard)!

This little machine packs quite a punch – although it only has 512meg ram, and a 2gig (solid state) hard drive, it has three USB ports, as well as a SD slot, so with an external memory stick or external drive, you have pretty much unlimited disk space (there is also a network and Wi-Fi port). It also has a video out port, which I will test later to see how well PowerPoint works on it.

It comes pre-build running Linux (which fly’s – even though there is not much RAM), and some great applications, including Open Office, Skype and the Firefox web browser. If you click on the image below, you can see Open Office busy loading. Of course, you can install pretty much whatever Linux app you care to. For travelling it is fantastic. If you want to , you can also put Windows XP onto it, but I don’t think that I am going to bother.

Laptop1 I took it to Durban on Friday, and it was fantastic. I caught up with email in the lounge, and I wrote a report on the flight home.

The best part is that you can buy it from Incredible Connection for less that R3000!

4 Responses to My latest techno-toy – an 800 gram laptop

  • Ok, for once I don’t have to be tooooo jealous as I have the ThinkPad X60’s (weighing in at 1.2kg) but what I do think rocks about yours, is the Linux. I am going to be rebuilding my machine in the next few weeks on Linux… wish it was as easy as yours, which just comes with it already installed!

  • You CAN’T install pretty much any linux app you want to. Only those built for the Xandros operating system. Some of the debian ones will work too, as Xandros is based off debian, but some of them will cause problems on your system.

  • looks pretty cool, not quite sure id invest in one due to pwer limitations, but it can def do a lot considering the size.

  • Thanks for the comments. My knowledge of Linux is a bit scary, but for my purposed it is great (mainly presentations)!

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