Toastmasters Induction Dinner

On Saturday evening, Lois and I went to Johannesburg to attend the Toastmasters Induction dinner. Now, we don’t normally go all that way just for a dinner, but this was a special dinner. Lois was inducted as District Governor for the next 12 months, which essentially means that she will be in charge of Toastmasters Southern Africa for the next year, and I was inducted as Lt.Gov Education and Training, which is one step behind District Governor.

TM 004 (Small)

Karin Cremer (outgoing District Governor, me and Lois)

It was a fantastic dinner, Lois’ Inaugural Speech was the best speech she has ever given – it really was great. So, now Lois and I are officially the “top two” in Toastmasters Souther Africa, which is quite a weighty responsibility, but it will be a wonderful opportunity for us both – especially to develop ourselves and to meet like-minded people.

TM 002 (Small)

Me and Lois

Of course, it does mean that we are off to Calgary next month to attend the Toastmasters International Convention – Canada here we come!

(thanks to Craig Perry for the pics)

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