Toastmasters International Convention – opening

The International Convention opens with a parade of the flags of all 90+ countries in which Toastmasters is represented. Because Lois is District Governor, she carried the flag of South Africa, and because I was feeling politically-minded, I carried the flag Zimbabwe.

Toastmasters Convention 2008 (35) 

Lois – South Africa

What I did not realise at the time is that because the flags are paraded in alphabetical order, the Zimbabwe flag is the very last flag to be presented before the flags of the host country and the flag of the home country (ie: Canada and USA).

Toastmasters Convention 2008 (41) 

Zimbabwe and Zambia

We have got three Toastmasters clubs in Zimbabwe, so I hope that I showed a little support for them.

Toastmasters Convention 2008 (39)
Two really big countries, and a really small one (USA, Canada and Zimbabwe) – the current US to Zim dollar exchange rate is approx 1 US $ to 2.5 million Zim $

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