A beautiful spring day

This morning awoke with a hint of what Summer is going to be like. It was a gorgeous, sunny and  wind-free morning. So, I celebrated it by going cycling (since I have just registered for the Argus Cycle Tour next year). I was not the only cyclist on the road – there must have been at least 100 or more enjoying the fine weather.

My original intention was to just cycle to Simonstown, but somehow I was having such a great cycle, that I ended up cycling all the way to Millers Point – about 2/3 of the way to the Cape Point nature reserve. The total distance that I covered was just over 40km – which is the furthest that I have been since my back surgery in December last year.


Looking from Millers Point across False Bay towards Muizenberg – it is only 20km, but it looks much further in the photo!

Well, my back behaved beautifully, in fact the only part of me feeling any pain was my backside – more time in the seat will sort that out! Oh, and my legs are starting to hurt a little!

Being out on the road again was really invigorating, my mind cleared, I felt fresh, and I spent a good two hours enjoying nature (and of course the traffic jam on the roadworks in St James).


I took this while stuck in roadworks – the world’s ugliest train on the world’s most beautiful track

The cyclists were not the only ones out on the road – I also saw several groups of SCUBA divers gearing up; getting ready to  enjoy the clear water.


False Bay – as calm as it gets (it is called False Bay because the ‘real bay’ is Table Bay on the West Coast of Cape Town)

The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest in the world, yet is has the most variety of any floral kingdom in the world. The spring flowers are just starting to come out. It is kind of odd – for about 2 weeks in spring, the local bushes burst into bright flowers, and then the flowers dissapear as quickly as the appeared, to appear again in a year.


Fynbos (finebush) flowers

It was a bit of a relief to get caught in the Fish Hoek main road traffic. In a stretch of 500m, there are 4 traffic lights! Fish Hoek is really pretty, but very conservative. They are the only suburb in South Africa (as far as I know) that does not allow the selling of alcohol. In fact, there was a huge outcry when restaurants were allowed to serve alcohol.


Fish Hoek Main Road

So it was great to be back on the road, and I am feeling so inspired to get out there and continue my training!

(sorry about the poor picture quality, that is the best my phone will take)

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