Pinotage on Tap

Pinotage on Tap 017

We have just got back from the Diemersfontein Pinotage on Tap festival in Wellington. And that is exactly what it is – Pinotage on Tap.

When you arrive, you are given a wine glass and a picnic hamper, and from then on you help yourself to the new release of the Diemersfontein Pinotage – straight from the barrel.

Pinotage on Tap

Pinotage on Tap

The Diemersfontein is famous for it’s chocolate flavours, hence its nick-name “the Chocolate Pinotage”. It really tastes like rich dark chocolate.

Pinotage on Tap 026

No Imitations!

Aside from the picnic hamper, there is loads of food, including strawberries and a chocolate fountain – all you had to do was to help yourself.

Strawberries Chocolate Fountain

Strawberries and chocolate fountain

Live music was provided, the highlight for me being James Stuart (remember the Usual and Bright Blue?)

James Stuart

James Stuart

It was a very relaxing and chilled out Saturday afternoon, but if you did feel at all stressed, you could go and shoot some paintball.

Paintball Paintball Target


We were very lucky with the weather. It was raining all week, but Saturday dawned sunny and clear, but the ground was still very wet – just have a look at my foot. I suppose that this is a bit like a more civilized version of Woodstock!

Muddy Feet

Muddy feet

Lynne, Craig and Lois

Lynne, Craig and Lois

Rory and Lynne

Our good friends Rory and Lynne

We went up to Wellington with Rory and Lynne, and we spent the night at a really lovely guest house, ending off the evening with a chilled out braai, and then a well deserved sleep!

Pinotage is a uniquely South African grape.

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