Waking up in the morning blues

Today was a little unusual in that for the first time in ages, I woke up early. Now, this in itself is not so strange, but it is strange that I work up with nothing on my mind. Usually when I wake up early it is because I am worrying about something, and I cannot get it out of my head, and hence I cannot get back to sleep. However this time it was simply because I woke up and had completed my sleep. So, I switched on the bed-side light and read my book. Actually, I finished my book. It was the third Spud book, about the boy in high-school in Natal. Kind of like the Adrian Mole books, but far better, and the character is more of a regular person that the complete lost case that Adrian is. I definitely would recommend it.

I received an invite to a reception hosted by the incoming international president of Toastmasters, Gary Schmidt. I shall be attending it. I still cannot believe that we are leaving for USA in less than a week, it just does not seem like it.

By the day. I did an on-line typing test yesterday, and my rate was 69 words per minute, with only One error. I think that is pretty good!

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