Arum Lily

Cds MG 0012
The Arum Lily is one of those flowers that appears almost overnight all over Cape Town in winter. Ground that was just tall grass and fynbos suddenly comes alive with fields and fields of these large and sturdy flowers.

They are big and beautiful, and they last for ever. Please note that it is illegal to pick arum lilies 50m from a road and you need permission from the land owner. Most arums for sale in our city are picked and sold illegally.

Cds MG 0033

These shots were take on the side of Baden Powell drive. Just drive down the road and you will see them everywhere.

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  1. Sally said:

    Please don’t buy arums at the side of the road as most of these are picked illegally to make a profit. The Arum Lily is home to the endangered Arum Lily Frog and picking them illegally is taking away their homes and destroying their numbers.

    August 10, 2010

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