Birds landing

Cds MG 0177There is a tiny lagoon on the beach, just opposite the landfill on Baden Powell drive which I often drive past. In the morning it is covered in Seagulls and small birds enjoying the shallow waters.

Today I stopped to take a pic of them, and I gaught this show of the two birds fighting (or possibly mating). I really don’t know Seagulls too well, but they constantly literally flying into each other and almost chasing each other away.

It was an interesting site, and I think it makes quite a nice photo.

2 Responses to Birds landing

  • Hi Craig, got some great shots here, but just to agree with your statement: ‘I don’t know Seagulls too well’. They aren’t seagulls mate. Black winged Stilts (because of their long legs it looks like they’re walking on stilts!). So next time you see ’em, you’ll know what they are!
    Keep up the good work/pictures.

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