Brighton Pier

Hi Guys

I am back from my trip, and I have started to process my photos, so watch here for pics of my trip over the next few days.

We start with Brighton…

Brighton Pier can only be described as a little tacky. It has huge potential, but I get the feeling that there is no great effort put into it.

It is filled with ice-cream shops and penny slot machines, as well as a few restaurants that don’t look particularity exciting.

It is the kind of place that you visit and cross off your list of places to go to.

Having said all that, Brighton itself is a wonderful place and well worth visiting, I will be posting some pics of the village shortly.

Seagull on Brighton Pier

One of the many seagulls found in Brighton. These are the beach version of a rooster, waking you up really early in the morning,

2 Responses to Brighton Pier

  • Brings back memories of my mispent youth.
    I used to love the greasy doughnuts from the stall on the pier.
    Shame the West Pier has all but disappeared now.

  • Andy, I never had donughts there, but I did have some Brighton Rock :-)

    Yes, the West Pier is just some burnt-out supporting posts there. In fact when I was in Brighton, the Hastings Pier burnt down; some teenage vandals I think.

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