Disassembly of the Ferris Wheel

While I was driving to work this morning, I spotted this Ferris wheel being dismantled.

This reminded me of the thrill of going on the rides at the funfairs when I was a child; the excitement of the experience, begging my parents for money for just one more ride, and the pure indulgence of a day at the funfair. While the ferris wheel was also a little slow and stately, I always found the view from the top just a little scary, and I was just a little concerned what whould happen if it broke down with me at the top (thankfully it never did). It was always with a little relief that the ferris wheel would continue to turn and take me back safely to ground.

Considering that its primary purpose is to entertain children, it looked so sad and broken, sitting with half of its insides having being ripped out and unceremoniously packed into the trucks. But in just a few weeks, it will be standing in a new field. The circle once again complete, ready for another group of children to enjoy its rides, and to feel just a little worried should it break down.

By the way, here is a much more modern ferris wheel at the entrance to the Waterfront in Cape Town. It will be there for another couple of months.

Hisense Wheel of Excellence


  1. Caroline said:

    Hi Craig – thanks for the comment on my blog and the link to your photos on Namaqua House. Its amazing how many lovely buildings one finds when you are composing photos. When I was young – a hellovalong time ago – a yearly treat was the Rand Easter Show in Jhb and The Big Wheel was the absolute highlight! It was just thrilling.

    November 16, 2010
  2. Craig said:

    Hi Caroline, the Rand Easter show, now that takes me back a few years as well. I went to it once many years ago. Cape Town truly does have some wonderful old buildings, especially in the heart – the city bowl.


    November 16, 2010
  3. Halcyon said:

    I can ride ferris wheels that have pods like this one. But I’ll have to pass on those open two-seater types. The way they swing is just too much for me! Especially when you get stuck at the top. :)

    Nice shots today. Sort of nostalgic.

    November 18, 2010
  4. Craig said:

    Yes Halcyon I totally agree. The open “no-floor” rides just do not work for me :-) Give me glass sides, a floor and a glass of bubbly and I will be happy.

    November 18, 2010

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