St Mark’s Square, Venice

Cds MG 1775It poured with rain for our first day in Venice, but we were determined to get out and about and explore the city. This shot is of St Mark’s Square, just in front of St Mark’s Basilica. If you look across the square, you will notice a line of people walking on trestle tables. This is because with a high tide and torrential rain, the square was flooded.

But that was not a problem for the resourceful Venetian’s. Almost every road (well pedestrian walkway), had piles of these tables which were simply spread out whenever a region was flooded. As soon as the water subsides, the tables are re-stacked and life goes back to normal.

4 Responses to St Mark’s Square, Venice

  • Excellent conversion to black and white. Too bad it was pouring rain.
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  • Thanks @Maggie, I will check it out.

  • Hi, first time here. Your work is remarkable, these shots of Venice are amazing, I was there past June and it was fortunate that the weather was good!

  • Thanks Carraol, glad you had good weather. Our second and third days were great, but the first day was a real winter storm, freezing cold and pouring with rain!

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