The Colleseum, Rome


This was a remarkable building to visit. Even tough I have seen it many times in books and magazines, seeing it in for real was a remarkable experience. The sheer scale of it was staggering. It soared into the sky, far above my head.


This is where the citizens of Rome watched the gladiators fight each other to death, kill exotic animals, and slaves would try to win their freedom.

Colleseum at night with motion blur

Despite popular belief, it was not where Christians were fed to the lions.


And to think that it was build almost 2000 years ago, and is still (at least mostly) standing is inspiring. I also realised that it will be there long after I am not.

This is the view from inside. The tunnels are below what would have been the stage (basically the backstage area). but look at the people walking around, and see for yourself how truly magnificent this building is.

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