Mama Roma in Lakeside closed; the end of an era

Sunday was a sad day for me. Our local restaurant, Mama Roma in Lakeside served its last dinners and prepared to close its doors forever.

Mama Roma

The restaurant, which has been running for over 5 years, has been home to many a birthday dinner, lots of casual evening with Lois and our families, and lots of wonderful evenings with our friends (not to mention a couple of pre-Argus carbo-loading evenings). John and his staff had a truly magical formula, serving traditional Italian dishes liberally sprinkled with their unique flavour. They were always happy to experiment, and to make up a dish on the spot. John also served the best warthog shanks and pork ribs in Cape Town.

John, the man behind the restaurant

Knowing that restaurants come and go, I am still very sad to see Mama Roms close. I feel like I have lost a part of my family, and we are truly going go miss it. I know that were not the only regulars there.

Eccles (guide dog) was always welcome, and often left with a lamb shank bone or two. Here she is with one of the waitresses.

I hope that John opens a new restaurant soon (and that it is somewhere close by); I am sure that there are many people that are going to miss th good food and the good times. We have had some the wonderful memories.

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