2011 South African municipal elections

The 2011 South African municipal elections, which are held every 5 years, will be held between March and June 2011. At this election, we will be voting in our local ward councilors for seats at the municipal level.

Remember that every vote is important, even if you feel that your vote is not.

Every single vote has a small impact on the future of your municipality, and of South Africa. Please be sure to register, and please vote. For more information, please visit the IEC website.

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  1. Rita Roux said:

    Good Day

    Could you please advise who and when, from your offices will be going to old age homes, retirement villages, etc. to get the infirmed residents votes? some of them are unable to go to the voting station to vote.

    Our village “Vue du Cap” in Grey Ave, Table View has several elderly infirmed that are unable to go. It is a momnumental job to get a special vote paper for each and every one of them.

    we would appreciate a reply soon. Thanking you. Rita

    April 18, 2011

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