The visiting toad

We were having supper at a friends house the other day, and a Leopard Toad come wondering through their garden door, straight past Eccles, Lois’ guide dog. This litter fellow had not a care in the world, and Eccles was so surprised that she just sat there and watched.

The toad simply hopped inside, hopped around the lounge and kitchen for a few minutes, and then without even a goodbye, hopped back into the garden.


I believe that this guy is a regular visitor, and is often found sitting in their cats water bowl, much to the surprise of the poor cat!.
The Leopard Toad is native to Cape Town, and is often found in our gardens, especially when they breed in August. We find them in our garden quite often.

BTW: These guys even have their own website, where you can find out all about them.

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