First Quarter

Are your animals influenced by the moon? Mine are. Tonight the moon is in its first quarter. So I have about 3 weeks until my dogs go crazy. I don’t know why, but every full moon my dogs (OK just Calvin and Emily) bark at everything, they run around like mad, and they demand extra attention. And yes, far more than usual.

While I don’t believe in Astrology, there is a lunar influence in my animals. It reminds me of the song Zodiac Thrill by my old band Elephant Sun. Let me know what you think below.


  1. Steffi said:

    Wow…great photo,Craig.Your camera is really good.I like the Moon -it´s always magical to see.I heard your song of your old band-good song!

    May 13, 2011
  2. Craig said:

    Thanks Steffi. That song is really a blast from the past. You are right, wherever you are the moon is magical.

    May 13, 2011

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