Same make, same colour and same wheels

In South Africa, we have an informal network of car guards that watch our cars while we are out and about. Often you are intimidated into paying a tip for the service, whether you want it or now, and the level of service is often questionable.

Today I had a refreshing experience. This guard promised me that my car will be”same make, same colour and same wheels” when I got back. And when I got back he assured that my car was still “same make, same colour and same wheels”  as when I left it. Yes, he did live up to his word.

I love living in South Africa.

ps: no I have not downgraded my bakki (pick up) for a Tazz.

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  • My brother-in-law’s trick: He says to the car-guard on his arrival when he is parking, “if you can show me which is my car as I come out of the restaurant, you get this fat tip “. The car guards watch his car all night and watch for him appearing out of the restaurant like a hawk!

  • Good idea, I will remember that one, but in fairness, this particular guard pointed straight to my car when I got back and said “I told you, same car, same…..”

  • Seems like a good system!

  • Yeah, but a little too informal, you sometimes get the feeling that if you don’t tip the self-appointed guard something might happen to your car.

  • I agree with Steffe comment !

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