Dripping Mushroom

A dripping mushroom is a strange thing. I have no idea how it happened, but as the mushroom grew it literally dripped onto the ground and onto the mushroom next to it. It was a cold, wet and misty morning, and I suspect that the weight of the dew on the mushroom growing caused this to happen

Still rather strange.

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  • This is a very strange mushroom, but even stranger is my reaction to it. It makes me so happy! You froze it in time. That weirdly decomposing mushroom will never really die now; it can stay creepy and cool forever on your computer and the Internet!

    • Thanks Rachel, it is strange, isn’t it? I like your perspective. Considering the short life of a lonely mushroom, it is nice to have captured it on film, so to speak.

  • Uuuiiihhh this looks cool. Here we have humid heat…it isnĀ“t my weather .I prefer it colder and I would be now the one and only tourist in CT at this time ;O)).
    Have a nice weekend and greetings to A.&E.

  • Spooky! I am by nature curious and love the countryside, but I have never seen this before. I have a good friend who is a seriously good photographer whose stuff appears in our national press, he did a job for a countryside agency and they wanted some pix of mushrooms growing wild amongst a whole list of other subjects. He asked me if I knew anywhere they might be growing, I said yes but not for a few months, this being a while back. He would have been very happy to meet these mushrooms.
    Paul at Leeds daily photo

    • Paul it is very spookey and strange, but somewhat compelling as well. This guy was growing on a manicured lawn. He is welcome to come and visit, but it may be a little far.

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