St James Beach

After the aweful weather we have had this weekend, it is lovely to be able to soak up some sun, and to go for a walk along the Muizenberg/St James beach. The sun is warm, the sky is clear, and it is simply an amazing day! The colourful beach huts in St James are still there, and they are still open to the public as changing rooms, (unlike Brighton where you can pay up to 20000 Pounds for the privilege).

While this particular beach is quite rocky, there is a lovely tidal pool you can swim in, and it was surprisingly empty today. I remember as a student coming down here for biology trips and having to walk among the rocks to find little beach animals and plants.

The walk from Muizenberg to the tidal pool is not far, probably about 1.5 km or so, but very pretty, and there are lots of people so it should be quite safe as well. And if you don’t feel like the walk, you can park on the side of Main Road and cross through one of the subways onto the beach.



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