Candid people

If you want to shoot interesting people, goto a tattoo or bikers expo. You will find all sorts of interesting shots. Here are just three that I took.

This guy is a little much for me. I can count at least 11 piercings, and those are just the ones that I can see.

A regular biker going to check out the scene

Well, I guess one way to keep cool is to dress lightly.

This is the last of the Ink & Iron photos, I hope you enjoyed them.

4 Responses to Candid people

  • Top photo: Ouch! It hurts just to look at him!

  • Yes Kate, very ouch. More than I would want to do!

  • Yikes! These are wonderful portraits of some very strange folks. I think our world is getting crazier all the time. People tell me that oldsters felt the same way when we were young, but I think that’s a wrong equivalence. I think it is demonstrably crazier now than it was 60 years ago! People who looked like this would be found in a carnival not on the streets! :-)

  • It is definitely exponential! I was a big nervous shooting the first guy, but he didn’t seem to mind. I guess he is used to the attention.

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