Goodbye Steve

(image by wolfgang.wedenig)

It was in the early 80’s when I was not even a teen that my father came home with an Apple ][ +, and that is when my life changed. In those days, computers arrived with technical manuals, circuit board schematics, and most importantly, programming guides. I spent hours poring over these manuals.

I quickly realized that if I could tame the computer, I could do anything, and that is when my love of programming began, in Apple Basic on the Apple 2+.

Shooting forward some 30 years or so, I work as a web and IT consultant, I have programmed in more languages than I can remember (off the top of my head, C, C++, Pascal, Java, Delphi, assembler, HTML, ASP/ASP.NET, and of course BASIC).

But it was the Apple 2 that gave me that first insight, and my love of working with computers. It was visionaries like Steve Jobs,  Steve Wozniak, Paul Allan and Bill Gates that make this possible. It is not an under-estimation to say that the Apple 2 profoundly changed my life.

Yesterday we lost Steve Jobs, a man who changed the computing world. The man who helped bring us the Apple, mac, iPod, iPhone and of course the iPad. More recently he has been a role model in my work with Toastmasters. He was one of the most inspirational speakers  I have ever heads, and his use of slides and visual aids is legendary.

The world is going to be a little different without Steve, I am going to miss him.

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