Horse riding on the beach

I drive past the beach every day to and from work, and today for the first time, I saw this group of horse-riders on the beach. I don’t know of any stables nearby, and I have never seen it before.

It really is a bit of a mystery to me, but I would love to go riding on MuizenbergĀ beach. Can anybody enlighten me?

5 Responses to Horse riding on the beach

  • How beautiful!!!What a view!My younger daughter would love to ride on the beach!

  • Many years ago, I can remember seeing horses on, and near to Sunrise Beach – My Dad told me that they were racehorses, and that there were a number of training establishments in the area. Saw them regularly after that, making their way along Prince George’s Drive to and from the beach. This was normally early in the morning, as I remember.

    • Thanks George, this was close to Sunrise Beach, but a little further down away from Muizenberg, and this was quite early, so perhaps they have been doing it for years and I have just not noticed.

  • They are most probably racehorses out for a morning gallop on the beach – lots of stables around Ottery and Philippi.

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