Some of the Ink

Part 3 of the Ink & Iron shots: the ink. Weather you like tattoos or not, you simply cannot deny the talent that some of these artists have. Some astonishing work.

Lady on back with snake

Skeletal hand

Finally work in progress. I think that a job like this must take months to do. Just for the record, this is a  little keen for me, but it still looks incredible.

5 Responses to Some of the Ink

  • I find it interesting to look at what a tattooist can do. I have photographed many people with tattoes and they always tell me that it is very addictive.

  • I agree, there is a lot of not only talent, but skill involved in tatooing. I personally cannot think of something I like enough to keep permanently on my arm, or leg or where ever… love your close shot!

  • Yes Steffe and Madge, body art is an interesting topic, and some amazing things can be done. At some stage I will upload a pic of my recent contribution to the genre, but if you scratch around my facebook profile you will find it :-)

  • I agree with Steffe´s comment.It´s always interesting to see what a tattooist can do.I think talent is important for a good tattooist and some pictures are really art.
    But for myself I can say… it´s nothing for myself …
    Thank you very much for your email(I had written to you also one and had ask you about the photo) and sorry about the photo.

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