Dead Morris Minor

Morris Minor

This old Morris Minor has clearly seen better days. I hope that somebody is planning on restoring her, but I think that it is going to take a great deal of work to get it running again.

Isn’t it amazing how nostalgic we get about old cars? We give them genders, we feel bad when they get old, and we have an inner urge to maintain and look after them forever.My first cars was an orange Opel Kadett (which was my mothers and then brothers). It leaked in the rain, and sometimes mushrooms grew on the carpets, but it was my first car, and I loved it. Although I was a little relieved when I upgraded to a newer car (also a purchased hand me down, but this time a Toyota Corolla). I can still easily remember every car that I have owned since. Considering that cars are just bits of metal and glass, our attachment to cars is all rather strange.

What was your first car?



  1. Graham Nicholls said:

    My first purchased vehicle was a Sunbeam Rapier. It first broke down on the way home from the dealer. I spent a lot of money to get it up to speed and break the 100 mph (160 kmh)barrier, which I finally did. Girlfriends spent a lot of time push-starting the vehicle on dates.

    December 1, 2011
    • Craig said:

      So Graham I can only guess that you had strong girlfriends…

      December 1, 2011

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