Beef Kebabs for dinner

Beef Kebabs

Last night, Lois took me out to dinner at the Cattle Baron in Tokai. I was not that hungry, so I thought that the beef kebab would be a suitably small meal. Boy, was I wrong! It was massive, beef packed on kebab sticks, and any spaces filled with mushrooms, peppers and pineapple. I had to seriously pace myself to finish it. The waiter even told me that it was a light meal, but he clearly lied.

I suppose that I would rather complain about a meal is too large, rather than a miserably small meal. And if it was not so good there is no way that I would have finished it. Tender and yummy. I am going to have to do at least an additional 20 minutes training after that meal!

The cool thing about the Cattle Baron is that their prices are good, their portion sizes are great, and they have a no corkage policy. Really great value. There are quite a few Cattle Barons, but we usually go to Tokai.

But be warned, the beef kebabs are huge!

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