Kitesurfing in Muizenberg

On the same day that I took the windsurfing shots, I went down to the beach to watch the kite surfers. Now if you think that the windsurfers go fast, they are like a child with training wheels on a new bicycle compared to the crazy kite surfers.

Kitesurfing on Muizenberg beach

If you put skydiving, water skiing, windsurfing and surfing into a giant bowl and mixed, you would get something resembling kite surfing. This is the only water-sport I know where wearing a helmet is (or at least should be) considered good form.

Kitesurfing on Muizenberg beach

I don’t know how high they jump, but it looks like  it can easily be over 5 meters. Sometimes you can see the beginners practise on Zandvlei (where the wind surfers usually are), and it takes a lot of practise and skill to get as good as this guy.

Kitesurfing on Muizenberg beach

Buy wow, it looks like fun, maybe I will try it someday.

4 Responses to Kitesurfing in Muizenberg

  • Fantastic shots again,Craig.And yes, it´s a funny sport and I would try it out if I would be more sporty!But unfortunately I am too old and too unathletic.

  • You can be counted upon to produce spectacular photos Craig. These are truly awesome. If you are ever out our way in the “deep south” on a weekend you can find some truly amazing kite surfer subjects at Witsands, just past Misty Cliffs on the way to Scarborough.

    • I actually am out there from time to time, but mostly while out cycling on my bicycle past Misty Cliffs. It is a wonderful area. But as such I don’t have my camera with me then (well except for my phone)

      Glad you like the photos, and keep commenting


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