An unexpected visitor.

Blue the Pitbull

I would like you to meet Blue, the Pitbull puppy. Rather unexpectedly, he moved in for a couple of days over the weekend. It all started when I went for a run on Thursday evening, and this lovely little puppy (he is 9 months old) starting following me. And then when he almost got hit by a car I was involved. So I took him home, and he became instant friends with Emily the Golden Retriever. They promptly proceeded to spend the entire evening running up and down the passage, exhausting each other.

Blue the Pitbull

I have always heard horror stories about how violent and dangerous Pitbulls are, but this little boy has turned around any misconception that I ever had. He was the most wonderful, friendly and gentle dog I have ever met (of course with the exception of my own dogs), and I really was a little sad when his owners contacted me and he was reunited.

So Blue if you are reading this, come on over anytime, we would love to see you visit again.

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