The bridge across forever

The Bridge Across Forever

On of my favourite books is “The Bridge Across Forever” by Richard Bach, and this bridge just reminded me of the book. I took it this morning on my phone, while waiting for a business breakfast a theĀ  Crystal Towers Hotel in Century City, Cape Town. The footbridge, which connects the hotel to the main shopping centre, is very beautiful and elegant, curving gracefully as it arches across the canal.

It was such a wonderful day to spend a few minutes in the sun.

4 Responses to The bridge across forever

  • That is a beautiful structure… I really love all of the new futuristic looking bridges that are being built these days, don’t you?

    • Hi Matde,

      Yes so do I. They look sleek and modern, but still timeless, and they will still look good in 20 years. Especially bridges which are after all just functional structures. I hope this trend continues.


  • Gosh, I have lived here for years and years and have never seen that bridge! I thought it was in Sydney or somewhere exotic when I saw your thumnail print on the City Daily Photos. I must come and have a look.

    • It is somewhere exotic, Cape Town :-) Yeah it caught me by surprise as well, very nicely designed. Check it out next time you are at Canal Walk.

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