The cycle tour is just three days away

Argus Cycle Tour

On Sunday, I will be cycling in my 5th Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour, or just the Argus as everybody knows it as. The tour, which is 109 km long, winds itself around Cape Town. Approximately 38000 people will be riding in the race, which to my knowledge is the longest timed cycle event in the world, and probably the only cycling event to span two oceans.

It is an amazing event to be part of, the roads are closed, thousands of people arrive to support us on, and you get to cycle on the most beautiful scenery in the world. These are a few pictures taken over the past few years, some while watching, and some while participating in the event itself. I hope it gives you a feel for the event.

Start line

Start line

Main Road

Main Road (before permanent road-works caused the Boyes Drive detour)

Hand Cyclist

My Friend Zilani, the hand cyclist

A big bunch

A large bunch coming past

The Bar One Girls

The Bar One Girls cheer you on and hand out free chocolates


One of the many refueling stops

Physios on duty

There are many physios on duty to help the tired legs

Boyes Drive

A few extra hills here, thanks to the previously mentioned road works.


If you are in Cape Town, I hope you will either be on a bike, or supporting us as we come past. Good luck to all the cyclists, ride safe and I will see you on the road on Sunday.

5 Responses to The cycle tour is just three days away

  • Well done on your medal and for completing well in that dreadful heat on Sunday Craig. Awesome pics. I hope the Bar One girls were handing out the new coffee flavour :) xx

    • Thanks Colleen, it hit over 40 degrees, so it was a very hot one. Yes the Bar One girls were working very hard but I didn’t stop there this time. But I got a great leg massage from two Land Rover girls on Chapman’s Peak, which was much needed and simply amazing!

  • Great work, and well done!

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