Run aground

Ship aground

Yet another ship has run around in Cape Town, this time off Clifton’s First Beach. The Japanese fishing boat, which contains 80 tons of fuel and 50 tons of fish ran around on Saturday morning in heavy fog.

According to News 24, there are questions about whether it should be¬†question whether it could have been a “purposeful grounding”, related to an insurance payout.

I just hope that they manage to get the ship off the ground without spilling all that oil.

6 Responses to Run aground

  • It’s a shame all the tons of fuel that are discharged into the sea in these maritime accidents. We will destroy the planet if we continue like this.

    In any case, those people are important to the perspective in the photo. Well done!

    • No fuel has leaked yet, so for the moment it is ok. They should be pulling the ship off the beach today, if they cannot, they will have to pump the fuel off. Hold thumbs.

      Yeah, I also love the little “Lego” people on the beach.

  • Looks like tides in the coming days/weeks mean that we’ll have many many more chances to take snaps of this vessel for a while yet…

    Apparently, they’ll be offloading fuel today, but why not do something with the fish as well?

    I’m really happy for the Clifton residents though, now that they have something else to look at other than the deary, boring view they had before…

    • Ok, so they didn’t manage to pull her off then. Looks like she will become another feature of our coast line. Maybe we should put in a proposal to make it into an aqua-amusement park?

      What’s going to happen to the fish, I presume the generators are still running?

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