First impressions of Barcelona

Lois and I have been back from our trip to Spain and France for about 2 weeks now, and I am finally getting my photos into a semblance of order (well at least ordered enough to start posting them here). We had a wonderful experience in Barcelona, but I am really not sure where to start to describe it (the food, architecture, people, festivals or the culture).

Well I guess that it is best to start with my first impressions. It was noisy, hot, full of people and I loved it all! This is a city where the rule “never leave home without your camera” applied. Almost every time I left the apartment I found something to shoot. Sometimes it was a planned trip, but more often that not it was something unexpected that was not on the itenary, and certainly not in the guide book.

Like Venice, Barcelona is a city where you want to wonder around and get a little lost (something that in the Gothic Quarter where we were staying was very easy). You will find wonderful squares, fountains and moments of quiet in the most unexpected places.

Escher Square

I cannot tell you exactly where this square was or how to get there, but I think it makes for an amazing photo. It reminds me of those confusing Escher pictures of the stairs going all over the place.

Casa de l'Ardiaca

And this fountain was found in a little building called Casa de l’Ardiaca (the door was open so I just walked in), right next to the Barcelona Cathedral. I am not quite sure if it is open to the public because next time the door was firmly locked.

Neither of these two places were on my “shoot list” for out trip, but I am really happy with both shots. In my next post I will speak a little about the food in Barcelona.

By the way, in case you are wondering why the watermarks in my images have come back (I have been resisting it for ages), it is because somebody else started watermarking my images (with my name) on my behalf, so I have caved in :-)




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