Kayaking on Zandvlei

This time of year is amazing for going out on the Vlei for a paddle in my Kayak. It is warming up, and you still get a lot of wind-free afternoons to enjoy the water.

And for the first time in years, the Flamingo’s are back. They are in just about every river and lake in Cape Town at the moment; it is great.

Cds IMG 2462
Flamingo’s on Zandvlei

Cds IMG 2438
In the middle of the vlei

Cds IMG 2451
A floating bird’s nest in the waterways

Cds IMG 2455
The houses across the Vlei in Marina da Gama


  1. Alison Beere said:

    Awesome to be able to kayak near the flamingoes! What a treat — thanks for sharing the shot :)

    For the record, your ‘floating bird nest’ is home to a red-knobbed coot, Mr City Boy ;)

    October 9, 2015
    • Craig said:

      Thanks Alison – it is amazing loving here, and thanks for the bird name. They all look the same to me :-)

      October 10, 2015

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