A visit to the Széchenyi Spa in Budapest


Before I visited the baths I wasn’t sure how the process works and it felt a little intimidating. So here are my tips based on my visit. I hope it makes your visit a little easier.

  • On arrival you pay a basic entry free which includes a locker, but you can also pay extra for a private cubicle, which is basically a tiny lockable room where you can change in privacy and leave your goodies. There were no empty lockers, so I had to get a cubicle. The entry fee included access to all the pools, and you can buy extras (such as a massage). I didn’t buy any extras.
  • I was given a wrist-armband, which included a magnetic key to unlock my cubicle. I am unclear if mens and lady’s changing areas are separate, but I think they are. However with a cubicle (since it’s private) it’s less of an issue.
  • I recommend bringing a pair of flip-flops, because the floors are wet and can get slippery.
  • You need to bring your own towel – next time I will bring 2 because my first towel got very wet, especially in the more steamy rooms.
  • One of the pools is like a regular gym pool for swimming laps, and if you want to use that pool a swimming cap is required
  • Once you’ve changed, you are free to wonder around the facilities and hop into any pool or bath. Everybody just walks around in their costumes, and there is no nudity or topless bathing (at least as far as I saw)
  • Most baths have a temperature sign, so you can easily find one that suits you.
  • There are indoor and outdoor pools, so just wonder around and see what works for you
  • There are hooks at the pools, but take note where you leave your towel, because there are a LOT of towels on the hooks
  • I kept my phone in my locker, and only took these overview shots at the end. Enjoy the baths without your phone. And with the indoor humidity I really would not recommend keeping electronics around anyway.
  • Finally, this SPA features a beer spar (where there are beer taps – I didn’t try), and at the outdoor pools you can play chess in the pool

It is completely above board, and very relaxing and refreshing. If you’re in Budaleast I highly recommend giving the baths a try. I visited the Széchenyi Spa, but there are baths all over the city, each with their own characteristics.

And aside from the wonderful bathing experiences, the buildings are wonderful and ornate – Széchenyi Spa dates back to 1881. Its worth a visit just to see the wonderful architecture.


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