A run around Margaret Island

Budapest is full of running paths, there is one in almost every park. And with a 5km track, Margaret Island is no exception. Margaret Island is a lovely little haven of piece and quite in the middle of the Danube, sheltering you from the somewhat chaotic city. So of course I had to go for a run. By the way, the track would make a perfect parkrun, just saying!

If you’re not a runner its still a lovely place to visit either for a picnic or just a stroll around the island.


This track goes all the way around the island. Directions – stick to the track and run for 5km. You will get you back to where you started. 


This water tower is in the middle of the island. It is over 100 years old and just short of 60m tall.

Cds IMG 2819

Saint Margaret’s grave in the middle of the island. She lived in the 1200’s, and lived as a nun on the island since she was 3 years old. She was canonised by the Roman Catholic Church in 1943, and reputedly performed miracles both during her life and after her death.

Cds IMG 2818

The remains of the Dominican convent where Saint Margaret lived.


My route, its a lovely run.

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