Food tour of Belleville

When we were in Paris, we did a most fantastic food tour of Bellevue, one of the older suburbs of the city. Our host Isabelle took us all over the area, into little coffee shops, delis, and bakeries where we learned how the food is prepared, and got to try a large selection of local goodies. We finished off in the back of a wine shop, drinking some wonderful wines while eating baguettes and local cheeses. It was a lovely way to spend a few hours in Paris.

Here’s a link to the tour, highly recommended when you are in Paris:

Cds IMG 9436

Local cheese selection




At the wine shop (we didn’t drink it all, of course)


Some of the cured sausage at a deli


A rather large selection of pates


More pates


More cured meats


Making croissants at a bakery. The baker is folding the pastry.

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