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I call this room the chess room. Partly because I don’t know its real name, but also because the floor reminds me of a chess board. But what astonishes me is the attention to detail. The room is full of wonderful artworks, goldleaf on the walls, wood panelling…whereever you look there is something new to see.

The room is in Warsaw Castle, and is one of the few that doesn’t have a parquet floor.`


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A view of the lovely Royal Warsaw Castle. The original building was build in the 14th century, it was completely destroyed towards the end of World War 2 (as was most of Warsaw), and was only rebuilt in the 1970’s. It’s a wonderful set of buildings to wonder around, admiring both the exterior and beautiful parquet floors on the inside.

You can see a few more pictures of the castle here.


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Another view of the beautiful Warsaw Castle at night; this time with the city walls in the foreground.


In my previous past I posted a picture of the throne room in Warsaw Castle. Here is a detailed view of the throne. It looks like it would fit my just fine!

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Here is another of the beautiful rooms in Warsaw Castle; the parquet floors are just amazing. Note the king’s throne in the middle of the wall.

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Warsaw Castle is lit up at night, and the centre of activity in the city. There are lots of restaurants where you can have a meal and a drink, or you can just wonder around the square enjoying the historic architecture.

And of course the predictable trinkets, hustlers and street performer are in abundance. So enjoy the shows, but watch your pockets closely.


I love this photo Warsaw Castle. With the people walking around, pushing prams and riding on bicycles it almost looks like it could have been taken a hundred years ago.

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Looking up a beautiful flight of stairs in Warsaw Castle.


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When I was taking some night shots of Warsaw castle, these amazing fire walkers arrived and did a fantastic show, juggling and dancing with fire. So of course I had to shoot a few pics.

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I’m really happy I had my SLR and tripod with me – I hope you enjoy the pics.

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