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Yes I know it is a cliche to shoot the so-called super moon. And Yes I know that the 14% bigger that it appears to be is almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. But I had a free evening, and the sky was clear and beautiful, so what not? These two pictures were shot on November 14 from Silvermine Nature Reserve, on one of the trails just past the parking lot. Hope you like them!

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Life and activity

In my previous post I shared a photo of some old and decaying shuttered doors. I took this photo on the same street in Aegina – just a few houses down. This window tells a completely different story. It is wide open, sparkling clean, and telling a completely different story. This one is of life and activity, not death and decay. It almost balances it, doesn’t it?

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Death & Decay

There is a strange beauty in decay, and these shuttered windows are no exception. I took this pic somewhere in Aegina Town in Greece, I can’t tell you much about them, but I find them beautiful, and I’m sure that if I listened closely enough I would find a story worth listening to. But I prefer to make up my own story, wondering what was, and what could have been.

The old islands are full of stories.

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Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is a typical gothic cathedral with its tall detailed columns stretching up to the sky, spreading outwards like upside down tree routes to form the vaulted ceiling. When we were in Barcelona I visited the cathedral many times. Partly because it was so awe-inspiring to stand under that roof, and partly because it was about 100m from our apartment. Every hour we heard the bells of the cathedral beat out the time, and after a while it became almost reassuring to hear the bells as I drifted off to sleep after spending an evening wondering around the gothic quarter of Barcelona.

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The Monument to the Fallen and Murdered in the East

Then past the Monument to the Fallen and Murdered in the East, which I unexpectedly ran last (one of the benefits of going running in an unfamiliar place is you stumble across so many interesting things that you are didn’t even know about (ok in my case I run across). The monument honours Christians, Jews and Muslims who died in World War 2.

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