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View the world through a lens, and create a visual diary of your experience. I am passionate about photography, and am seldom seeing without a camera in my hand.


I started my blog in 2005, and over the years it has grown into an online photo-journal of my life and experiences. You will get a glimpse of myself, my experiences, and my travel. I am a WordPress fanatic, and love to use that amazing platform.


I have been programming since 1984, and have programmed in most languages. I work as an IT integration, BI & data architect.

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I don’t delete comments unless they are obviously spam, are off-topic, are hate speech or use unnecessary bad language. This is my blog, and I would like you to respect it. But I love feedback and discussion, so please engage in discussion with me. If I offend you, you always have the right of reply; I will respect your viewpoint.

This is my work

Everything here is my work. You may share, copy, distribute and transmit it, provided that you attribute me as the author,  you let me know, you don’t make any money out of it (or the site hosting my pictures), and you link it back to me! I am open to commercial opportunities, so please ask. Basically I love to see my photos on other websites, but I like to receive the credit! Unless otherwise stated (or obviously public-domain), all content is my own work, and I will credit other sources where applicable. Please check here for fair usage of my photos, code of ethics and advertising policy.

I will tell the truth

I will disclose anything people might consider a conflict of interest, always tell the truth, and be accurate and fair. I will not misrepresented or use content out of context. I will not grant special favours to advertisers, or to anybody sending me promotional material. But you are welcome to send me your stuff, and I may write about it. But I will write what I think!


I am not perfect, you may find an error or two. If you find an error or inaccuracy, please let me know and I will do my best to correct it.


I take your privacy very seriously, and will do my best to respect it. I use a double opt-in policy for my email newsletter (hosted by Mailchimp), and you may unsubscribe at any time. I will not share your email address with any other organizations or individuals unless I am required to by law, and I will keep your email address completely confidential, and use it only for the purpose that you intended.

And finally

I am not a professional journalist, nor a professional photographer. This blog is my personal viewpoint, and should be read as such, so if you do anything as a result of reading this blog, that is your own responsibility and is done at your own risk. I absolve myself from any responsible whatsoever for any actions resulting on this blog being read.

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  1. Craig said:

    Kate, you are most welcome. I am glad you are enjoying the pics and hopefully will continue to do so.


    September 22, 2015

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